Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life Is Meant To Be Escaped

"...And even then, I want humans dead, not animals.  Animals are the only innocent things left. I do believe that even the trees are bastards.
“Yes. But that would require me becoming a doctor and having an international Euthanasia hospital like that one in Switzerland.”
“World Domination by Euthanasia – that's something to make a movie about.”
It would be interesting if someone managed kill the world off by assisted suicide or talking people into suicide. I do not understand the debate on Euthanasia – if someone wishes to catch the bus, someone else should be able to give help to get a ticket without being punished. In fact, they should be rewarded greatly. It takes much understanding of the world and human nature to see that life is not meant to be lived – it is meant to escape. That is all humans do. They spend their time immersed in hobbies to escape the world. The whole point of television is to escape life, as well as reading, talking, and everything else people waste their time with. They spend so much time, which they consider “precious”, working at petty, comfortable jobs so they can afford houses and food and things that keep them from experiencing life.  Life is being curled up in painful hunger, naked, dripping blood while the world smiles down on you in everything but kindness. As said by Freud, “Life is impoverished; it loses its interest, when the highest stake in the game of living, life itself, cannot be risked.” I argue that life is all but impoverished. The highest risk indeed is the living of life itself and the irritabilities that come along with it. Life was never an interest of which to lose; I chose not to be born, but alas, I was as was everyone else using petty means to escape such the “gift” they label life. I know the truth. People let time do all the work for them and in return, experience much more pain than they should have to. I have found the permanent, quick escape route. Time kills slowly and I am not a child of patience..."
Erika ["Euthanasia" by Jessi E.S]

Erika Endsley


  1. Is this an excerpt from your book? And life is lonely when you aren't able to spend it with those who love you and care about you and support you. This is what I believe. We need to be surrounded by people who love us and support us and are there for us in order for us to flourish. I don't believe men and women were created to live alone and unloved. We all need this to cope and survive.

    1. This is an excerpt which I partially agree with.
      However, I don't believe suicide is the ultimate answer seeing as life can actually be fun when you have money/learn to not care.

  2. I pretty much live for the people that I love. So it doesn't become meaningless to me. But I'm sure many people feel hopeless and want to end it. To that I say that they should do it because those people never end up contributing to society. I'd trade a million suicidal idiots for one person who makes a difference.