Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm re-listening to a church sermon right now and of course right now, everything in America is focused around July 4th. To me, July 4th is about blowing things up and eating gummy worms and South park and destruction with my late nephew. That is not what this entry is about.

Freedom is often the absence of necessity. In our bodies we will always be somewhat tied to things, with things owning us, because we need them to continue living. You are a slave to your water and food supplies. I want to step around that and look at applied freedom. 
I want to talk about mental freedom.

Most of humanity are slaves to their amygdalas, to their conscience. What all would you do if you had no moral hang-ups about anything, is "right" and "wrong" were just words. What if you didn't have the normal amount of anxiety.What if your security blanket were to be in your mind? What if your sub-conscience and your waking mind could speak back and forth, so that you know what you want to do and you do it deliberately. 
What if you could be standing in a house that is falling down around you, and still feel like you're going to be okay? 

Necessity is the mind are the "values" driven into your head, the ones that keep you from losing it and acting on your animal instincts. Necessity in the mind is dependence on reassurance of others, of writings, of stimuli. 
And liberty is given in the process of simultaneously accepting mortality and overcoming it.


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